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Decorative Stamped Concrete Services

Decorative Stamped Concrete

  • Walks
  • Patios
  • Floors
  • Driveway Aprons
  • Pool Decks
  • Steps
  • Concrete, slabs, floors, etc.
Stamped Concrete Patio Installation - Masonry Concrete Division
Stamped Concrete Process

Rubber imprinting tools called "Stamps" are impressed  into wet concrete slabs or overlays to create natural stone or brick textures. These rubber imprinting tools are manufactured from molds created from authentic stone or wood. Release agents   are used to help release the stamps from the concrete without sticking. Release agents come in either a liquid or powder form.

The concrete is patterned and/or textured to resemble brick, slate, flagstone,stone, tile, wood, and various other patterns and textures. Stamped concrete is commonly used for patios,sidewalks,driveways, pool decks, and floors. The ability of stamped concrete to resemble other building materials makes stamped concrete a less expensive alternative to using those other materials.

There are three procedures used in stamped concrete which separate it from other concrete procedures; the addition of a base color, the addition of an accent color, and stamping a pattern into the concrete. These three procedures provide stamped concrete with a color and shape similar to the natural  building material. It also has little to no maintenace, allowing no weed or moss growth unlike brick pavers and blue stone with open grout joints. 

Stamped concrete patio insallation

Decorative Stamped concrete Pool deck installation